Digital Circuits

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Course Description

This course consists of lectures, seminars and labs on digital logic, including switching algebra and combinational circuit analysis, synthesis, and minimization. Then the students learn about traditional sequential logic design principles, starting with latches and flipflops, registers and counters, clocked synchronous state machines and finally, some ideas about microprogrammed systems. Structured design with programmable logic devices like PALs, and FPGAs is presented at an introductory level, and, on the other hand, some problems of timing, synchronization, and asynchronous circuits are not neglected in this course. The main logic families presented in the course are TTL and CMOS, with all their main characteristics presented in detail. The course uses some basics of Verilog HDL for describing digital circuits. Syllabus can be downloaded from here: Fisa disciplinei Circuite Digitale.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes are presented in PPT format. Archive containing all 14 files can be downloaded from here: Arhiva care contine cele 14 prezentari PPT


Some exercises and solved problems can be found or downloaded from here:


Labs are presented in PDF format. Archive containing these files can be downloaded from here: Arhiva care contine referatele de laborator


Some old exams topics can be downloaded from here: Arhiva care contine 2 subiecte de examen

Study Materials